About Us

How We Started

Concerned members of the community held a meeting in 1994 at the primary school on realizing a local privately owned playgroup which served Kings Nympton and surrounding areas was about to close. A committee then named Kings Nympton and District Under Eights Group was formed to try to give the area some pre-school provision. Our group began running once a week at the primary school in the infant classroom, when they were having a PE lesson at the parish hall. This was by invitation from the school’s head teacher, this allowed us to judge demand in the village for a pre-school, as the village had never had such a facility before, only a mother and toddler session at the parish hall. With this well supported they began fund-raising and exploring the possibilities for a new pre-school. They formed a charity and applied for grants and to the lottery which resulted in obtaining the funds and eventually a site leased from the local education authority on the primary school grounds. During 1999 the purpose built wooden building was constructed and completed with lots of volunteer help. We begun offering sessions in November 1999 and have done so ever since.


In 2009 the preschool joined Ofsted’s compulsory register which confirmed that we are registered to take no more than 12 children from 2 years to the end of the early years age group, of these, not more than 8 may be under 3 years at any one time (Early Years Register). However due to changes in the new EYFS we are no longer bound by the conditions of this registration.

The number of sessions offered fluctuates to accommodate the amount of children we have on role and we are also aware of the need parents have to arrange childcare around their working hours and other commitments they have so we are always open to some flexiblity and it is worth discussing this with a member of the team to see if we can accommodate your requirements.