Back to School

Whether the end of school term seems like a distant memory and you are longing for Monday to come or whether you have found the days and weeks flying by all too quickly and cant believe you’ll be doing the (pre)school run again so soon – the term starts on Monday and the Summer holiday is officially over! (Boo, Yay, Boo, Yay)

We have said our farewells to Sammie our Preschool leader/manager and waved her off to pastures new and we will be welcoming our new Manager Tracey Powlesland with excitement. She’ll be joining the team on Monday for her first day and we look forward to fresh¬†ideas and seeing what¬†her experience will bring.

If you are considering Preschools for your child now he/she is 2 or over then please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you and we currently have spaces in each session.

Whether you live in the village or further afield really doesn’t matter, there is no ‘catchment’ areas and we welcome people from far and wide.



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